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Explore biomedical relationships and uncover hidden insights to drive innovation with confidence using our AI powered Knowledge graph: Orpheus.

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Power your R&D with AI

Biomedical relationships knowledge is critical for silo-breaking insights and data-driven drug discovery. 

However, biomedical knowledge is locked in thousands of publications and dozens of databases. Collecting, structuring and integrating this knowledge is extremely challenging, as well as time- and resource-consuming.

We solve these challenges with Orpheus: Our Biomedical Knowledge Graph, the largest knowledge graph of its kind, containing Billions of facts about millions of biomedical entities, integrated from thousands of sources using our cutting-edge AI.

Orpheus Applications and Features

Quickly and efficiently find novel, discoveries using highly flexible data querying and exploration

  • Combine our data with your analysis and a range of cutting-edge Graph algorithms to power AI-driven drug discovery.
  • Use the graph data within your own analysis and data-exploration applications.
  • Integrate the data with other data types and sources, as well as third-party technologies.

Target identification and drug repositioning

Reveal insights into causal biomedical relationships enabling novel and otherwise concealed discoveries.

Biomarker identification based on Graph-AI

Using the power of Link prediction and Graph AI, uncover novel biomarkers.

Target, disease and drug intelligence

Reveal hidden relationships and insights enriched with full context, between genes, diseases, drugs, targets, functions, toxicological processes and more.

Flexible Querying

Visually query the graph without having to learn complex query languages like SQL or SPARQL or Cypher.

Advanced AI

Natural Language Processing (NLP) infers relationships and facts from research articles.

Quick and efficient Analysis

 Focus on answering questions, not searching. Our knowledge  graph enables you to automatically identify and prioritize hypotheses within minutes .

"Wisecube is an application that I have bookmarked next to Slack, Benchling, and Miro!"

Wisecube technologies (specifically Orpheus offering) allows me to get the most out of every search by being able to visualize the correlation between related papers/concepts and through advanced targeted searches to mine specific information I am seeking.

thomas perkins jr

Thomas Perkins, Jr. Scientist - TapBioscience

Orpheus by the Numbers

The largest biomedical knowledge graph

See for yourself how Orpheus Biomedical Knowledge Graph will empower you to leverage biomedical knowledge graph insights, fuel your AI-driven drug discovery and accelerate your research. 

Tens of Billions of Facts

Constructed with AI powered automation and expert curation, it is one of the biggest knowledge graphs and constantly growing.

85 Million Entities

Each biomedical entity is extracted because it has an external ID to a biomedical related dataset and contains various annotated facts.

240 Million Citations

These include 100k+ articles on Fibrotic diseases, 100 Million ontological relationships and 140 Million external IDs

250 Million+ Facts from Articles

Facts extracted using cutting-edge AI and curated by experts, these augment the various data sources we have already integrated into the knowledge graph.

500 Thousand Clinical Trials

Enriched data containing more than on clinical trials. This data ties trials to diseases, interventions, and the related PubMed articles.

Tens of Thousands of Relationship Types

Each of these predicates represents a kind of relationship between entities or properties of an entity

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