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Explore patterns, uncover insights and make discoveries in your research area using the power of AI.


Orpheus can help synthesize hidden patterns in scientific literature and visualize the results intuitively. It can learn from these patterns and make intelligent predictions based on it. By uncovering hidden insights quickly, It can save days and accelerate scientific research and discovery.

Go beyond search

Orpheus helps organizations build a connected graph of concepts and evidence from millions of research papers and databases uncovering explicit connections and inferring undiscovered links using our cutting edge AI algorithms. Search is just the beginning when it comes to Orpheus.

Find insights faster while staying on top of your research

Biomedical data is growing at an exponential rate and is no longer humanly possible to keep up with it. Orpheus analyzes and synthesizes hundreds of thousands of personalized research papers in your field each day to give you a crystallized picture of your domain. Stay on top of the latest research to understand critical insights needed to unlock the next level of discoveries.

Make novel discoveries by accessing hidden patterns

Orpheus focuses on the things you care about and synthesizes them into easy to understand topics and insights. We use NLP and machine learning to analyze and connect millions of data points from various literature sources and databases so you can keep track of complex research fields.


Built using cutting edge technology and ground-breaking AI and NLP algorithms on top of our scalable and open AI platform, Orpheus is the best of breed application when it comes to scientific analytics.

Advanced NLP

Orpheus helps surface high level research themes and topics to reveal insights in Biomedicine and Healthcare within seconds. The natural language processing (NLP) and AI platform can analyze millions of biomedical publications, clinical trials and chemical databases, all accessible through a user-friendly visual interface.

Comprehensive Knowledge Graph

By synthesizing a variety of data sources, including Biomedical Literature, Chemical, Protein and several side effect databases into the Orpheus Knowledge Graph, Customers can integrate their own proprietary data to discover hidden insights and patterns in existing knowledge bases.

Cutting-Edge Algorithms

Orpheus has developed state of the art AI algorithms that can predict hidden relationships in the knowledge graph built by our open and extensible natural language processing pipelines. This allows us to infer and predict non-obvious relationships between diseases, proteins, compounds and many other biomedical concepts.

Open AI Platform

Orpheus is built on an open and extensible visual AI platform called Nephos. As part of our commitment to the scientific and data science community, we not only provide the Orpheus products itself but also the underlying pipeline that we use to build the final graph itself. it to incorporate your own data sources very easily.


In order to help accelerate finding discoveries for COVID-19, leading research groups have provided the CORD-19 dataset, a free resource of more than 280,000 scholarly articles about the novel coronavirus for use by the global research community.

As part of our commitment to help further scientific research in the COVID-19 space, we at Wisecube AI have built and made available a free forever version of Orpheus for everyone in the scientific research community, built using the CORD-19 dataset.

Who We Are

We are a premier data sciences team that focuses on solutions for the Life Sciences Industry. Founded by a team of AI, cloud and scientific computing experts that have been building and operating data driven products and platforms for many decades. We have taken our passion for data and have chosen to apply it in the life sciences domain where we can have a truly life changing impact.

Vishnu Vettrivel

Founder and CEO

Alex Thomas

Principal Data Scientist

Dr. Peyvand Khademi

Chief Data Officer


Scientific Advisor

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the data sources you use?

We build the Orpheus knowledge graph by parsing millions of abstracts and full text publications from MEDLINE™ and PubMed Central™, as well as other structured data sources such as Uniprot, CHEMBL and many others. Additional premium content can be added to the platform through partnerships with publishers, or the internal document holdings of our Enterprise customers.

Do you process data from tables and illustrations?

No, at this moment we focus exclusively on deriving insights from Natural Language processing of Textual data and fusing it with structured databases.

How do you account for research that may not be accurate or reproducible?

This is a hard problem, but we do have mechanisms that allow us to weigh insights from various research papers based on various factors including the credibility of the journal, author, citations and others.

Can you integrate 3rd party data sources such as patents, proprietary documents and databases?

Yes, we have integrated several 3rd party databases. New data sources are continuously being added to the platform. Please contact us if you would like to know what is planned next or would like to add a custom or proprietary data source. Also being an open platform, it is also possible for your data science team to use the Orpheus pipeline to extend it.

Is my data secure with Orpheus?

Yes. We have decades of experience securing cloud based platforms and making it compliant with the strictest of regulations. We take the security of our users’ data very seriously and have taken the utmost care in securing our platform and user data.

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Explore patterns, uncover insights and make discoveries in your research area using the power of AI.