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Managing Workflows

Visual workflows are the heart of the Nephos platform. It brings together the data and the re-usable executables you have registered. Workflows can be authored visually through a drag and drop interface. You can also view, export or import and delete existing workflows through the Workflows tab in the Nephos platform.

Authoring a new Workflow

  • Click on the Workflows tab

  • Open the Datasets/Executable side drawer by clicking on the Orange arrow on the right

  • You should be able to drag and drop datasets and executables you need onto the workflow canvas.

  • You can start building the workflow by drawing arrows from datasets to executable input arguments.

  • You can also start connecting the output of one executable as the input to a different executable.

  • Nephos will automatically ensure the names of these match up even if they are called different things.

Running and Troubleshooting a Workflow

Once you have built a basic version of your new workflow you can try running it by clicking the ‘Run’ button in the Workflow canvas.

  • Click on the ‘Run’ button to validate the workflow by quickly running it.

  • Nephos will also start preparing your workflow to run and show you progress and status of the runs

  • You can open the ‘Run Info’ drawer on the bottom to see the system and log output of the running workflow

  • Once the workflow completes, the status should indicate as such and output if any should be captured and/or saved.

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