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Once you have analyzed or trained your own model you can visualize the results to quickly infer the results of the run. This article will walk you through how to do that.

Click on the row of the analysis or training result to bring up the visualization modal like so:

In the above example we are going to visualize the results of the BBB model run. The goal of this visualization is to be able to perform a multi-dimensional visual analysis so we can understand the results of the previous model run and compare the results of the AI model with other variables in the results.

Let us go ahead and select columns and assign them to the X-Axis, Y-Axis and the 3rd dimension of size/color. Here is an example selection for all three dimensions:

You can also visualize the structure of the compound by clicking on the row of the compound. You will also be given an option to switch between visualizations using the tab in the modal like so:

Finally you can also add a specific compound to your Favorite list using the ‘Add to Favorites’ button.

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