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During analysis when you are visualizing the results of the run you will be given an option to add specific compounds to an existing favorite list or create a new one. This article will walk you through the review and analysis feature, which enables scientists to discuss the merits of shortlisted compounds in an asynchronous manner.

Any compound you add to a new or existing list should appear on the favorites tab for further review and conversations. In order to access your favorited compounds click on the ‘Review’ tab in the Dryad application which should like so:

You can select between different favorite lists using the dropdown on the top right and click on a specific compound to see all the conversations around it like so:

You can add to the conversation by writing your comment like so:

Finally, you can mark a compound as a ‘Hit’ by clicking on the ‘Star’ icon or alternatively if you do not think it was that special to begin with you can also remove it from the favorite list by clicking on the delete icon.

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