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Creating a new Project

A common problem in AI projects is that there is usually not a good way to track and manage datasets, notebooks, executables and workflows all in one central location. This is exactly why we have the concept of Projects in the Nephos platform.

Here is how to create a Project and use it to track all relevant resources using it:

  • Navigate to the Projects tab and click on the ‘New Project’ buttonx

  • Give it in a name and use it to track other metadata about the project and its requirements as well.

  • Once you save the project, you can now start linking related resources to it.

Linking Artifacts into an existing Project

Once you have created a Project that you want to associate related artifacts into, you can start linking them into the Project.

  • Click on the ‘Link Resource’ icon on the Project row itself.

  • A dialog will open up that should allow you to select the kind of resource you want to link to and link it to the Project.

  • Once you select the right resource type and name, click on the ‘Link’ button to finalize linking it.

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