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Publishing Models in Nephos

Models are an essential part of any ML-Ops platform. Nephos allows workflow authors to easily publish ML Models from a visual workflow by using the ‘publish_bentoml_model’ executable as illustrated below.

Nephos supports BentoML Models, which is an open-source framework for serving ML models at production scale. Data Scientists and ML Engineers use BentoML to:

  • Accelerate and standardize the process of taking ML models to production across teams

  • Build reliable, scalable, and high performance model serving systems

  • Provide a flexible MLOps platform that grows with your Data Science needs

Invoking Published Models

Once you publish your new model by running your Publishing workflow you should see the new model listed in the Models tab in the Nephos UI. Along with the listing of the newly published model you will also see a URL that you can use to invoke the model from another workflow or an application that is built on the Nephos workflow.

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