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Dryad used advanced AI and deep learning to help drug discovery scientists analyze compounds in-silico to predict bioactivity and also around 30 out of the box ADMET properties. It also helps scientists train custom models from their experimental results and make accurate future predictions based on it. By identifying the right set of compounds almost instantly, It can save days and accelerate drug discovery and design.

Dryad is an invite-only application. Email for access to the Dryad application. Once you receive credentials to access the application, you can us them to login to the Dryad application.

Upon successful login you should be taken to the Dryad Home page which should look something like this:

Your screen might look slightly different since you are logging in for the very first time. Now you can start leveraging the power of AI for small molecule drug discovery. The First thing would be to try to analyze some existing compounds with some pre-built Dryad AI models that you might be considering currently.

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