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Browsing and Managing Executables

Once you have your notebook doing what you want to do, usually you want to package them into reusable custom modules.

In Nephos we call these executables. Executables are the building blocks of visual workflows in the Nephos platform. There are a few different ways you can create executables. Executables can either be binary files or also can be papermill based notebooks that take parameters. Either way all executables in Nephos need to take named input and output arguments specified.

Adding a new Executable

  • Click on Executables tab

  • Click on ‘New Executable’ Button

  • If you are importing a papermill based notebook you can simply upload it by clicking the Code tab.

  • In this case Nephos should automatically parse the parameters and set them up as arguments to the executable.

  • You can give your executable a name and save them.

  • In case you are trying to use a binary file, you can upload it as well.

  • However you will have to register the input, output and string(flag) based arguments it takes.

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