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This article will walk a user through configuring user-specific settings in the Dryad application. To begin click on the ‘Configure’ tab of the Dryad application, it should take you to a screen that should look like this:

There are three kinds of settings you can configure using this screen:

General Settings : Including changing your First and Last name, your email address, phone number, Country and State. You can also change your profile picture using this tab. Once you are happy with your changes you can click on ‘Save Changes’ to persist your changes.

The second kind of change you can make are related to notification settings with regards to the Dryad Application. Click on the ‘Notifications’ tab to bring it up like so:

Notifications : In this tab you can control what kinds of communications you would like to be notified about by the Dryad application, events (like workflows completing etc) or comments made by other users or both.

Finally, in the security tab you will be allowed to change your password to the Dryad application like so:

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