Introducing the Wisecube Visual Query Builder

Wisecube visual query builder

One of our core missions at Wisecube is to make biomedical knowledge easily accessible to scientists. As part of this mission we are constantly looking for ways to make this less complicated and simple for life scientists to ask complicated questions from knowledge graphs without having to learn complicated languages like SQL and/or SPARQL.

Do not get us wrong, we love some SPARQL at Wisecube but we believe it is unreasonable to expect life scientists to have to learn it in order to inquire and conduct life saving research. Which is why we are happy to announce a new feature in our Wisecube knowledge graph platform: A visual query builder that can any Life scientists can use to query the graph for complex multi-hop questions without having to learn SPARQL.

Watch as our in-house Computational Biology Expert Tiago Lubiana demonstrate the new visual query builder and its amazing power in this youtube video:

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