Introducing Wisecube Custom GPT: Your Very Own Biomedical Research Assistant

We are excited to launch the Wisecube Custom GPT, a game-changer for biomedical research.
This platform is designed to transform how researchers access and leverage extensive biomedical knowledge, offering a robust tool for extracting insights and mining data from clinical trials and biomedical articles and facts.

With the integration of ChatGPT, Wisecube Custom GPT empowers researchers to access the largest biomedical knowledge base. Explore a wealth of over 30 million scientific articles, clinical trials, and 10 billion biomedical facts directly in the ChatGPT interface and witness the efficiency and precision of biomedical research processes. It helps researchers efficiently extract relevant information, generate concise summaries, and obtain insights, accelerating the pace of discovery and enabling precise decision-making in biomedical research.

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What is the Wisecube Custom GPT?

The Wisecube Custom GPT is a dynamic and adaptive platform tailored to meet the unique needs of researchers, addressing the complexities of information retrieval and data analysis in diverse scientific disciplines. Built on top of verified biomedical sources, this tool employs advanced algorithms to ensure data accuracy and reliability.

Designed to understand and adapt to individual research queries, our Wisecube Custom GPT delivers personalized responses aligned with specific biomedical research.

How Does It Work?

At the heart of Wisecube Custom GPT lies the robust infrastructure of the Foundational AI Graph, Orpheus, which leverages hundreds of diverse biomedical datasets, incorporating billions of facts organized within a foundational graph-based AI model.

This integration ensures the Wisecube GPT is well-versed in several biomedical domains, providing researchers with a comprehensive perspective for their inquiries.

At the core of the Wisecube Custom GPT is a complex network of over 100 distinguished biomedical sources, including reputable platforms like PubMed and

Your gateway to a revolutionary approach to biomedical research, Wisecube Custom GPT enhances ChatGPT by providing curated lists of research articles and clinical trials, each entry meticulously detailed and accompanied by direct links to relevant research papers.

Who is it for?

Wisecube GPT is crafted to cater to a diverse range of professionals within the biomedical and life sciences domains. Tailored to meet various stakeholders’ evolving needs, the platform is designed to serve the following key audiences:

  • Biomedical Researchers: Streamlined access to vast biomedical knowledge for precise and evidence-based insights.
  • Life Sciences Organizations: Centralized hub for comprehensive and up-to-date biomedical information, aiding research and development.
  • Healthcare Professionals: Access to curated lists of research articles and clinical trials for informed decision-making in clinical practice.
  • Academic Institutions: Educational tool for enhancing research with digestible summaries and direct links to relevant papers.

Wisecube GPT serves its audience in the following ways:

  • Tailored Responses: Understands and adapts to unique research queries, providing tailored responses for individual research focus.
  • Extensive Biomedical Network: Provides access to the most extensive biomedical knowledge base, ensuring comprehensive coverage and up-to-date data.
  • Curation of Resources: Provides curated lists of research articles to provide impactful resources and enhance efficiency in information retrieval.
  • Academic Research Support: Academic institutions can benefit from the platform’s integration with Wisecube’s comprehensive biomedical database. It facilitates a more efficient and enriched academic research process, supporting the specific requirements of students and faculty with digestible summaries and direct links.

Key Differentiating Features of Wisecube GPT Store

The Wisecube GPT has distinctive features that enhance its capabilities for biomedical research. We have queried 30 million biomedical articles and over 10 billion biomedical facts from the knowledge graph that empowers our GPT store to handle vast amounts of biomedical information.

Let’s explore some of its features below.

  • Integrations to a wide range of biomedical datasets: Wisecube GPT seamlessly integrates with hundreds of biomedical datasets, including niche and specialized sources, providing users with unparalleled breadth of coverage in their research endeavors.
  • Dynamic knowledge graph with interconnected data insights: Powered by a robust and dynamic knowledge graph, Wisecube GPT delivers contextually rich and interconnected data insights. This differentiates our GPT from other platforms, as it goes beyond traditional article-based queries and dives into a rich repository of interconnected factual data from various biomedical sources.
  • Semantic search: Wisecube GPT boasts highly advanced semantic search capabilities, surpassing competitors in understanding the nuances of biomedical terminology. This results in search results that are accurate and precise, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Real-time data updates: Keeping pace with the latest developments, Wisecube GPT ensures real-time updates to its datasets and knowledge graph. This feature outperforms competitors with delayed synchronization, providing users with the most recent and relevant information.
  • Rigorous validations: The predictive analytics of Wisecube GPT are backed by rigorous validation processes, ensuring reliable forecasts of drug efficacy and market trends.

The Unfair Advantage of Wisecube GPT

The combination of Document RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation) with KG RAG into a Combined RAG solution represents a unique and powerful aspect of our GPT store. This integration signifies the combination of two distinct retrieval approaches—Document RAG, which focuses on retrieving information from documents such as biomedical articles, and KG RAG, which leverages a Knowledge Graph for retrieval.
By incorporating both approaches into a single solution, Wisecube GPT Store enhances its capability to provide comprehensive and contextually rich responses. This combination enables users to access a broader range of biomedical data.
This approach goes beyond traditional document retrieval, offering users a more thorough exploration of biomedical insights using both unstructured and structured data sources. For instance, rather than solely relying on articles, it encompasses data from clinical trials, research papers, and curated biomedical databases, ensuring a more thorough understanding of the subject matter.

How to Use Wisecube GPT?

Getting started with Wisecube GPT is quite straightforward. Following are the ways to access Wisecube GPT:

  • Sign in to your ChatGPT Plus account: You need to sign in to your ChatGPT Plus account to access Wisecube GPT. If you already don’t have a ChatGPT account, sign up here and upgrade your plan to ChatGPT Plus.
  • Access Wisecube GPT: Once you have signed in to your ChatGPT Plus account, you can access Wisecube GPT.
  • Alternative access via GPT Store: Another convenient way to reach Wisecube GPT is through the GPT Store. Simply go to the GPT Store and search for “Wisecube.” This method offers an alternative route to discover and access the specialized capabilities of Wisecube GPT.

Ready to access a vast biomedical knowledge base? Visit Wisecube GPT today and empower your biomedical research journey with cutting-edge technology and personalized insights!

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