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Eliminate AI errors and streamline your workflow for confident decision-making

Unreliable AI:
Risk You Can't Afford

The rapid growth of AI makes accuracy and trust paramount. Inaccurate AI poses a serious risk across industries, leading to flawed decisions, costly errors, and damaged reputations. From compromised research to critical applications, unreliable AI output can severely undermine progress and erode trust. Rigorous validation and fact-checking are essential.

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Prevent AI Inaccuracies
with Wisecube AI Fact-Checker

Wisecube’s Fact Checker is your solution for ensuring the factual integrity of AI-generated content. Don’t let AI inaccuracies compromise your work. Our innovative approach empowers you to validate the accuracy of information produced by AI systems, building confidence in your AI-powered applications and fostering trust.

Transforming AI with Trust and Accuracy

Wisecube’s Fact Checker is not just a tool; it’s a transformative force in the realm of artificial intelligence. By integrating sophisticated knowledge triplets with a semantic data model, we’re not only enhancing the trust in AI-generated content but also paving the way for AI systems to contribute meaningfully and accurately across various sectors including the following partners:

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How does Fact Checker Works?

The Wisecube Fact Checker dissects AI-generated text, transforming it into knowledge triplets. These triplets capture the essential subject, predicate, and object of factual statements, making information easier to analyze. 

The Fact Checker then cross-references your AI’s claims against our vast knowledge graph meticulously composed of verified facts from diverse sources, ensuring the highest level of accuracy.

Leveraging the Power of Billion-Scale Knowledge Graph

Unstructured data being processed and contextualized in a knowledge graph

At the core of Wisecube’s Fact Checker lies Orpheus, our Billion-scale knowledge graph, meticulously composed of verified facts from hundreds of diverse sources. 

By tapping into Orpheus, the Wisecube Claim Checker not only ensures a broad spectrum of data for reference but also enhances the depth and accuracy of the verification process. This integration of expansive knowledge assets empowers organizations to trust the content generated by AI, knowing it’s backed by a comprehensive, verified knowledge base. 

Seamless Integration with Leading AI Frameworks

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The Wisecube Claim Checker is designed to work within your existing infrastructure, providing real-time content verification and boosting the reliability of AI content across platforms. LangChain, LLama Index, and Haystack are just the beginning. Enhance your AI applications with our seamless integration capabilities.

Ready to Experience the Next Level of AI Reliability?

Frequently Asked Questions

Unreliable AI can lead to costly decision errors, reputational damage, compliance failures, and the erosion of trust in AI systems. The Wisecube Claim Checker helps you mitigate these risks by ensuring the accuracy of your AI outputs.

The Wisecube Fact Checker empowers you to:
1. Make better, data-driven decisions based on reliable AI outputs.
2. Build trust in your AI initiatives, both internally and externally.
3. Protect your reputation by avoiding errors caused by AI misinformation.
4. Streamline workflows and save time previously spent on manual fact-checking.

The Wisecube Fact Checker utilizes a cutting-edge approach combining knowledge triplets and our vast knowledge graph, Orpheus. It transforms AI output into structured data, cross-references claims against verified sources, and provides detailed insights into the factual integrity of your AI content.

Yes, the Wisecube Fact Checker is designed for seamless integration with various AI frameworks and workflows. We support hundreds of integrations and can adapt to your specific setup.

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