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Discover how our advanced Foundational Graph AI is transforming the landscape of Life Sciences R&D.

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Semantic AI Platform

By unifying a vast number of disjointed biomedical datasets, Wisecube provides rapid, reliable, and literature-backed answers to complex medical queries. Its integration of the latest biomedical ontologies and documents at scale ensures users have access to the most current and comprehensive medical knowledge, making it an indispensable tool in the era of data-driven medical decision-making and research.

Foundational AI

Our Foundational Graph AI model is trained on millions of biomedical publications, clinical trials, protein and chemical databases and can predict potential relationships within the graph for novel drug interactions. This becomes the base for powering various use-cases and avoids the need to build custom pipelines for individual use-cases.

Billion Scale Knowledge Graph

By synthesizing hundreds of of data sources, including Biomedical Literature, Chemical, Protein and several side effect databases into the Orpheus Knowledge Graph, Customers do not have worry about keeping up with fast moving research. 

Drug Discovery AI

Wisecube has developed multiple state of the art predictive AI Models that can accelerate various Drug Discovery and Development tasks. This allows our customers to safely and securely accelerate their research and development and find cures faster, without having to spend time on IT.

Key Benefits

Our platform offers a transformative solution for organizations looking to leverage AI in accelerating their biomedical research. Its combination of efficiency, adaptability and advanced predictive capabilities makes it an invaluable tool in the quest to develop effective and innovative findings.

Enhanced Efficiency

Wisecube Discovery streamlines the entire drug development process. By utilizing AI to synthesize complex biomedical data, the platform accelerates the identification and optimization of potential drug candidates. This results in a significant reduction in the time traditionally required to move from conceptualization to clinical trials.

Adaptability to Evolving Data

In an industry where drug structures and therapeutic targets are constantly evolving, Orpheus Discovery’s AI algorithms are uniquely designed to adapt and respond to these changes. This adaptability ensures that drug developers are always at the forefront of innovation, equipped with the latest insights and predictions.

Generalization across novel patterns

One of the standout features of Orpheus Discovery is its ability to generalize findings to new, unseen compounds. This capability is crucial for predicting the efficacy and safety of new drug candidates, ensuring that developers are not limited to the constraints of existing data sets.

Case Study
Accelerating Biomedical Innovation by Combining NLP and Knowledge Graphs

Biomedical research is hampered by the triple challenges of disjointed data, unstructured data explosion, and lack of accessibility. In this talk, we demonstrate how combining new innovations in NLP and Graph Analytics can act as a potent remedy and accelerate biomedical research, by automatically building knowledge graphs from unstructured documents.

We introduce three techniques to fuse disjointed datasets, analyze them as a whole, surface hidden patterns, and answer concrete research questions.

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