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Knowledge Graph Engine

Built using cutting edge technology and ground-breaking AI and NLP algorithms on top of our scalable and open AI platform, Wisecube knowledge graph engine is the best of breed application when it comes to analytics.

Advanced NLP

Wisecube helps surface high level research themes and topics to reveal insights in Biomedicine and Healthcare within seconds. The natural language processing (NLP) and AI platform can analyze millions of biomedical publications, clinical trials, protein and chemical databases, all accessible through a user-friendly visual interface.

Biomedical Knowledge Graph

By synthesizing a variety of data sources, including Biomedical Literature, Chemical, Protein and several side effect databases into the Orpheus Knowledge Graph, Customers can integrate their own proprietary data to discover hidden insights and patterns in existing knowledge bases. Learn more about Orpheus here

Cutting-Edge Algorithms

Wisecube has developed state of the art AI algorithms that can predict hidden relationships in the knowledge graph built by our open and extensible natural language processing pipelines. This allows us to infer and predict non-obvious relationships between diseases, proteins, compounds and many other biomedical concepts.

Open Source Technology

Wisecube is built on an open and extensible knowledge graph library called Graphster. As part of our commitment to the scientific and data science community we not only provide the Wisecube products itself but also the underlying library that we use to build the final graph itself. This means that you can extend it to incorporate your own data sources very easily.


The Wisecube Knowledge Graph Platform can help unify and synthesize your private and public data and reveal hidden insights. It can also learn from these patterns and make intelligent predictions based on it. By uncovering insights quickly, you can save days and accelerate innovation.

Go beyond search

Wisecube helps organizations build a connected graph of concepts and evidence from millions of documents and databases uncovering explicit connections and inferring undiscovered links using our cutting edge NLP. Search is just the beginning when it comes to Wisecube.

Find insights faster while staying on top of your research

Biomedical data is growing at an exponential rate and is no longer humanly possible to keep up with it. Wisecube analyzes and synthesizes hundreds of thousands of personalized research papers in your field each day to give you a crystallized picture of your domain. Stay on top of the latest research to understand critical insights needed to unlock the next level of discoveries.

Make novel discoveries by accessing hidden patterns

Wisecube focuses on the things you care about and synthesizes them into easy to understand topics and insights. We use NLP and machine learning to analyze and connect millions of data points from various literature sources and databases so you can keep track of complex research fields.

Case Study: Accelerating Biomedical Innovation by Combining NLP and Knowledge Graphs

Biomedical research is hampered by the triple challenges of disjointed data, unstructured data explosion, and lack of accessibility. In this talk, we demonstrate how combining new innovations in NLP and Graph Analytics can act as a potent remedy and accelerate biomedical research, by automatically building knowledge graphs from unstructured documents.

We introduce three techniques to fuse disjointed datasets, analyze them as a whole, surface hidden patterns, and answer concrete research questions.

We also present the biomedical knowledge graph we built in the process, the entities and relations in the database, and how they can be useful for various medical purposes such as clinical decision support and drug discovery.

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